The 28 day IMMERSION to Undeniable confidence

An empowering 28 day transformative intensive 1 on 1 immersion for you, the woman who is DONE with dimming your light, doubting your abilities and self-sabotaging yourself and READY to finally and confidently OWN your full self, gifts, and passions, and impact the world as you know you were made to do. If you are once and for all ready to own your personal brilliance & spotlight it is time to take action and work together for 28 days of transformation!


If you get quiet and listen in to your inner true voice, your spirit, your intuition, what does it tell you that having more confidence will give you that you are READY to get to work on and allow yourself to receive? If you truly listen you probably instantly know what that is. What do you really desire? What comfort zone are you ready to jump out of and push through so that you can make that quantum leap toward no longer operating out of fear and scarcity, not feeling “enough”, silencing (or at least lowering the volume of) the negative self talk, feeling amazing in your own skin, being more comfortable, captivating, mesmerizing and magnetic speaking in front of people or in front of the camera, allowing your sensuality and sublimeness to be expressed, developing your charismatic presence, and more? Really sink into the feeling of what that will feel like and how your life will change. More love? More money? More opportunities? More abundance? More living in joy in all you do? The list is endless, I know!


Gorgeous woman, let me tell you that there is nothing wrong for wanting these things in your life. You deserve them as they are your truth. These things are all INSIDE of you just waiting for you to step into them apologetically. They are your marching orders and it is time!


I could go on and on, but both you and I know that you don’t need a long sales page and a bunch of text to read to see if this is for you. You either know you are ready, committed and up for the challenge to get out of your comfort zone for 28 days to overcome what is holding you back, or you are not. If you are ready, let’s do it. I am at a point in my life and coaching where I am only available to run with those who want to run and run fast…those who have high aspirations and are willing to put in the work to transform. I SO believe in your potential and honor your highest level of expression and if this describes you, welcome to

The 28 Day Immersion To Undeniable Confidence!

So, what does this program entail and when does it start, you might be asking! I am looking to work with FAST ACTION takers, so we are starting July 29th. Success-minded people make quick decisions when in their gut they know it is right for them and in alignment, so we are starting soon.

What you get:

* 28 days of personalized exercises, templates, tracking calendar, check lists, meditations and more to get you out of your comfort each day with ways to keep you on track…think of this like a fitness challenge, but this one is for your confidence muscle! (value $500)

* Four 30-minute 1 on 1 private weekly coaching sessions with me (value $1000)

* A private Facebook group for the participants (value $750)

  • A forum to share, support and celebrate with like minded people who are ready to put in the work to make shifts

  • Various content and training throughout from me

  • You will get an accountability partner to share, support and be accountable to throughout your journey

*28 days of Video Journal prompts to keep record of your journey and transformation…like a journal that you write, but this is visual and you will SEE your transformation from day 1 to day 28! (value $250)

*A 60 minute group Masterclass to kick it all off (value $197)

*Access to my Video Vault…a 12 part video series to help empower your confidence in creating videos with training on lighting, sound, framing, on-camera delivery, charisma, body language, and more. (value $400)

TOTAL VALUE $3000+, but you get ALL of this for $497, which you can also divide up into 4 weekly payments of $140! See below for a special VIP All Action pass for those who really want to go for it!

One payment of $497, or weekly payments of $140

VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS (your best choice to really get the most out of this time)

I get the need to have someone really hold your feet to fire because you know alone you might fall off the wagon. In response, for a limited number of 5 ladies I am offering special access to me for the full 28 days through VOXER, a walkie-talkie-like messaging app where we can communicate throughout your process where I walk with you hand and hand (and kick you out of your nest, if needed at times!).

This level of investment in yourself is an additional $497. You can choose to either pay in full, $994, or pay in 4 weekly installments of $275

I know you are ready to break the shackles of your insecurities and step into your greatness! There’s no time like today, so select your investment option above to get started.

What are clients saying about working with Elizabeth?

Rebecca 3.jpg


Stay at home mom | National Ballroom Champion

"Working with Elizabeth has literally changed my life. When I say this it is not hype or exaggeration. The way I think, the way I see myself, the way I talk to and about myself, the way I deal with issues that arise have all changed because of the work we have done together. My confidence has exponentially increased and now when I want to do something, I do it without doubt, or hesitation. No more do I say "Can I?", "What if I fail?", or "I'm not good enough." Now it is: "Ok, what's my plan!?" I can NOT stress enough the value she brought to my life. Please take the leap and change YOUR life. "



Fashion Designer

"During my debut as a fashion designer, I struggled with insecurities, speaking in public, and feeling worthy. I enlisted the services of Elizabeth to help battle some of these issues ahead of my launch. Elizabeth was amazing to work with and was instrumental in helping me realize my full potential, increase my confidence and empowered me to stop living small. I would NOT hesitate to work with her for a second!"

Janell 7.jpg


Author| Speaker | Direct Sales Top Leader

"Working with Elizabeth has been one of the greatest joys I have had in awhile as we accomplished so much together! The number one thing that stands out to me that helps me soar to success was the building up of my confidence. I feel like a new person after spending time with her through coaching. I absolutely AM a new person! Thank you, Elizabeth, for all that you helped me accomplish through gaining massive confidence and I look forward to more coaching in the future."

A little bit about your coach, Elizabeth de Moraes!


As a certified International Transformational Success I thrive on elevating my clients’ success through gaining more confidence, grace and charisma in any situation they find themselves. From small business owners and stay at home mommies, to high-aspiring millionaire entrepreneurs, realtors, pro-athletes (NFL), and new TV personalities (HGTV and American Idol contestants), I help you overcome the limiting believes that are holding you back from fully stepping out into your personal spotlight, hold you accountable to stepping out of your comfort zone (which, really, is where the magic happens!) and then match your external styling to match what is happening within.

What also sets me apart from all the others is that I am a seasoned international stage and on-camera performer, who's extensive performing and multiple graduate degrees focused on the research of helping other performers exponentially improve their connection with the audience and make their performing more authentic, helps me now help you show up so much more effectively in person and on camera and set yourself apart from the rest.  I have a keen sense of the understanding of body language and the development of charisma that stems from my dancing career that not very many people bring to the table. The benefit to you is that you will have a better sense of how to better embody your work and bring it out so that you can more effectively connect with others. 

As a result from all those diverse experiences, I have developed my signature programs that I share with you today!  

One fun fact is that I am also the creator of the famous Video Glam Cam Kit®, which takes the guesswork out of creating your self-produced videos with all the equipment you need in one glam bag!  It is definitely a fabulous supplement to this course, so make sure to check it out. Others will send you all over the place to find your equipment, where everything is right here in one bag for your glamorous convenience! Join the likes of Tiffany Haddish, RuPaul, Michael Douglas, Super Bowl champ, Deatich Wise of the New England Patriots and many more celebs who have the Kit and get one, too! Get yours HERE!

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