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As an International Certified Success Expert , Video Producer and Media Strategist

in Personal Branding and Social Media Video, I use my knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs like you with BIG visions and BIG messages move to their next level of success, by focusing on two areas:


1. Defining and elevating your personal brand and presence: 

  • developing a personal brand that you adore that is fully in alignment with who you are and how you desire to unapologetically show up in the world

  • developing a strong success-oriented mindset to bust self-limiting beliefs and get out of your own way

  • becoming more confident in yourself, which will directly transfer into effective body language and expand your ‘it” factor. Your personal presence can help catapult you to the next level of success and make you millions!

  • up-leveling your styling, health and beauty regimen

2. Refining your messaging to be recognized as an expert:

  • clarifying and honing your messaging, increasing your expert status where your dream clients feel like you are speaking directly to them and they know, like and trust you (key ingredients for people to purchase and re-purchase from you)

  • becoming more visible by powerfully developing your on-camera confidence, delivery and creation by learning how to fully utilize VIDEO in all your social media like a pro (Facebook LIVE, Instagram LIVE, InstaStories, and recorded)

  • expanding your reach to and connection with 1000’s, possibly millions of potential clients who line up around the globe to work with you, or purchase your products


You are meant to be and be seen as an expert and influencer in your industry! It's time to unleash your inner celebrity™ so to increase your influence, impact and income through developing a stellar personal brand that stands out above the crowd through star-powered camera presence on video!

- Elizabeth de Moraes



But there is one thing that might surprise you about me...

I have always been able to perform powerfully in front of 1000s,

but in real life, the performer IN ME dulled.


I seriously always wished I could live as powerfully as I performed, but I simply never gave myself permission to bring that energy to the real world. I completely undervalued myself and had such a hard time receiving in all aspects of my life.

I had visions of how I wanted to show up in the world, but never allowed myself to cut the rubber band that was restricting me.

This kept me SMALL.



And in a constant state of (what I now know was self-inflicted) confusion.

But what always drew me in was the result that I could help others achieve.  My “self” mattered less when I was working on others. Then I realized that for me, my passion and my truth was in service to others.   

Integrating self-produced social media video into my life and business allowed me to shed layers, break self limiting beliefs, push myself through fears, and refine my personal visual brand. Once I embodied the energy of a performer, my business sales soared.  The power of video allowed me to open myself to my clients and establish trust and confidence before they even met with me in person.  I made myself available for success.  

For over two decades I performed (both on stage and in front/behind the camera), choreographed and taught all over the world, from New York City, England, Finland, Belgium, and Germany to a beautiful castle in Switzerland teaching Saudi princes, just to name a few. Additionally, I hold two international Master degrees in Performance Theory, helping professional performers move from and embody more authentic aspects of themselves and create a stronger connection with their audience.  

Seeing the parallels, I now transfer that

unique & powerful gift to Entrepreneurs and the online space.


This combination of knowledge and experiences gives me an uncanny and unique ability to embody, analyze and coach on body language, charisma and personal presence. I now take this knowledge and experience into the business world and online space to help empower entrepreneurs in ways they never thought possible.  

Now, here’s the added value I bring to you.  

Aside from being able to help you feel and look fabulous on camera and in person, I have a TEAM of top-level industry professionals that I draw support from!

These include Emmy-nominated and winning TV personalities, celebrity makeup artists, top-notch international videographers and photographers, high end business coaches, celebrity stylists, nutrition and lifestyle experts, social media & branding experts, Broadway performers, psychologists, mindset coaches, media coaches (who have appeared on Oprah, Dr. Phil and regularly with Dr. Oz!), and many more! They are people who you can use as add-ons to working with me so that you can uplevel yourself even more! These are superstars who I hire for my own branding productions as I will only recommend those who I have worked with to give you the most value!

I am forever changed. What happened for me was truly finding out who I was, who I truly wanted to show up In life and business and be, what image I want to project...She [Elizabeth] showed me how this all could be my everyday reality And how I could show up online, in business and in everyday life as the exact woman I want to be.

VICKIE GOULDLaw of Attraction Business and Book Coach

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A Little Bit About Elizabeth

Elizabeth de Moraes is a certified International Success Coach who elevates her clients’ public and business profiles by coaching on more charismatic ways of showing up and captivating any room. After working with her her clients are confidently ready to step onto bigger stages (speaking, TV and social media) to bigger audiences to make the impact they are meant to make on the world.

A seasoned international stage and on-camera performer, Elizabeth brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to the table when coaching her clients, which encompasses high-aspiring Millionaire Entrepreneurs, Realtors, Pro-Athletes, and new TV Personalities, helping them be seen as experts in their field.

Having guided superstar clients from HGTV the NFL, American Idol contestants and more, Elizabeth guides you on how to best embody your brand and expand your influence, impact and income through TV appearances and social media videos--all the way from live videos to fully produced professional videos with her production team.

She is also the creator of the Video Glam/Man Cam Kit, which takes the guesswork out of creating your self-produced videos with all the equipment you need in one glam bag!  When not working with her clients she can be found as a speaker at live events and on-camera interviews sharing her message and empowering other entrepreneurs to share their voice and stories.

Her personalized and tailored programs cover:

  • developing your "it" factor and on-camera delivery and presence so that you look and feel like the celebrity you know you are!

  • supporting you in all the technical elements of video creation for going LIVE and recorded video through her Video Glam Cam Kit!

  • getting you mentally and physically ready to rock it out on being interviewed on TV and media

  • taking your through and producing your fully produced professional video series and quarterly/yearly marketing videos

  • changing your mindset to smashing your limiting beliefs around being visible to yourself and the world

  • and more! 


You are meant to be and be seen as an expert and influencer in your industry! It's time to unleash your inner celebrity™!

- Elizabeth de Moraes