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developing your personal brand & 
showing up as the celebrity expert on Video!

You are an influencer in your industry yet feel like you are still hiding in full sight...

...from the outside, you look like you are doing all the right things, but inside you know you could be doing so much more. You know you are holding yourself back from fully showing up in a way that could totally skyrocket your business, but can't figure out what's missing.


You have all the graphic branding done for your online business presence (logo, website, social media platforms, etc.), but something is missing that is keeping you from connecting with your ideal clients.

This disconnect is keeping you from a steady flow of income and possibly keeping you BROKE.


You have all the elements needed to be a huge success

...trainings, certifications, drive, determination, but that last missing link keeps you in confusion, keeping you in spin-mode, not allowing you to grow your business at a rate you think you “should” have by now.

You just cannot figure out what keeps stopping you from jumping out there.


You desire to BE THE BRAND of your business or the SPOKESPERSON for your product...

...but you just can't seem to nail your look or your charismatic delivery you wish you could have, but fear of fully putting yourself out there keeps you internally paralyzed from truly getting in full action-mode to make the huge splash you so desire. You have stage fright. You are camera shy to really going BIG.

You know what the missing element is?

That missing element is


and I am here to take a stand for


Bringing yourself fully to the table as your unique, inspiring, fully expressed gorgeous self is what will help you turn your business and life around. Your personal and unique presence, authentic and confident voice, and personal branding style (all starting from within) are keys and I am here to help you do just that.


It’s time to bust out looking and feeling with a celebrity expert you came here to be, so that your business can start thriving and can give you the life of your dreams!


It’s what I call

“unleashing your inner ICON/ celebrity!”



And what is one of THE most effective ways to get yourself out there and recognized as the expert so that you can increase your influence, impact and income combining all of the above?


But not just any video where you slap together your ideas using your phone without any other awareness of professional-quality delivery or video creation, posting imagery that is not consistent with your branding or the high end messaging you desire to share with the world.

Social Media Videos Do 3 Things...

1.  It is one of THE most powerful mediums to reach, connect, engage, inspire, and move people into action (a.k.a. purchase from you!) because it is so effective at developing that priceless know, like, and trust factor we entrepreneurs so desire.


2.  It not only stimulates our vision and hearing, but also stimulates us viscerally, meaning we mentally and physically feel as a result of watching. All other forms of communication do not have all of these.  This means that according to various sources, your audience is going to be moved into action more than 80% when watching video over reading copy! They have a physical response and MOVE!


Why else do you think that ALL the major social media platforms are investing $Millions in video?




3.  And third (and my favorite!) it is an amazing transformational tool that allows you the growth process to come out of your shell, develop rock-solid confidence and grow your gifts for the world to benefit from (and increase your bank account amount!)


Whether you know it or not you ARE an influencer and

your unique personal brand and video will finally put you on the map!!






  1.  It provides an opportunity for your prospective and current clients to know, like and trust you. It makes you and your brand relatable. Because of this, you build much deeper and genuine relationships with potential clients that are long-term, increasing your following AND income. When you integrate video in your lead magnets and website...BAM!  
  2. It is an incredibly effective tool for personal transformation into the person you desire to be in life and in business. Not only does it challenge your fears of showing up on so many levels, but it serves as a visual record keeper of your transformation over time, and allows you to try out different looks and messaging, helping you further explore and develop your personal brand.  



Many top social media forecasters say that by 2018 more than 80% of all online content will be video. That figure will continue to rise, with it projecting to be 90% by 2019.

Statistics also show that we, as consumers, are more than 80% more likely to purchase when video is included.

So if you are not using video in your social media marketing, you’re isolating yourself from potential customers and you are leaving a BUNCH of money on the table!

Be ahead of the curve, be a change-maker and a revolutionary with your personal branding.

If you are not standing out above this crowd, as a realization of your full and unique self, looking on-brand in your best and most professional light, you will be lost in the sea!

But that’s why you have ME!

Here’s what we’ll work on together in Lights, Camera, Confidence

  1. Clarity of messaging (your personal story, who it is for, pains, your ‘cure’, what transformational elements do they gain?, what is your desired outcome from making your videos?).

  2. Technology (the best lighting, sound, background, framing, etc.)

  3. Planning out the structure of your videos and scripting

  4. Personal branding (styling, makeup, hair, environment)

  5. Camera presence and delivery coaching (timing, body language, cadence)

  6. Practice filming and analysis before you launch your videos

  7. Video marketing strategy and further ideas for future videos (both recorded and Live)


You get to decide how you show up in the world, in your business, and online and it all better stand out amongst the crowd! Sometimes you just need that fun girlfriend to show you the way, help you give yourself permission to truly go for it.


Stop waiting to be produced, share your story with the good, the sometimes bad, but always glamorous, and watch your business and income sore!


Create the masterpiece that is you and share these gifts with the world through a beautiful personal brand you adore that shows up through video. People are awaiting and praying for the value you can bring to their lives and video will help you reach even more of the masses.

You are an A-lister! Stop hiding in full view fearful of your voice and presence in the world.  Allow yourself to become the charismatic celebrity your desire to be (even if you are an introvert like me!).


Never before in the history of humankind have we had such an opportunity to express and create who we are and how we produce ourselves in a way that will best serve our audience, clients and ourselves as fully expressed humans.


We don't have to wait for anyone to produce us! Let's do this!



Unleash My Inner Celebrity....



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Love for Elizabeth from Clients

We have had such a blast working with Elizabeth. Not only is she caring and she gets what I message is about, but she obviously has all the technical aspects covered, too. AND, she makes it fun! I was so nervous to get in front of the camera and we’ve just had the greatest time and so happy with the videos that we shot.

SHERRY LEE WHITE | Founder & Chief Bliss Officer at TruleeCo 


She [Elizabeth] has made it such an amazing experience! I started out what in the world I was doing here and being camera shy, but she has made me feel so comfortable! I am so excited to take what I have and use it for my business!

STEPAHNIE LAFLER | Brand Partner, Nerium; Managing Director of eWomen Network