Lights, CAmera Confidence!

An empowering 6-week online group course of video strategies, tips, tools and accountability to help you create a dominant personal brand and stand out above the crowd with star-powered camera presence and confidence on your social media videos that can be monetized!


Are you tired of feeling invisible online because you just can’t get the courage up to get on camera to then get your message out to millions through video?

Do you know that you were made to make a big impact for many people and are tired of playing small in the world (with the result of a smaller bank account than desired)?


I hear you as I was the same...

Even though I am a lifetime performer, I was TERRIFIED to create my own videos to market myself and services, let alone go LIVE! So, what is it like for those who have never really gotten on stage, or the camera!? Debilitating, disempowering and mind-numbing to say the least, right?

But when I finally got up the courage to show up, got a game plan in place and started using video effectively, everything in my business changed. I could finally touch many more people all around the globe. They could get to know me better. Trust me more. And like me more. The result? More impact and MORE sales; many of which while I sleep. And I desire the same for you!  


What if you could:

  • ...overcome your fears and apprehensions around getting on camera (hate your voice, image and mannerisms, anyone!?) and CONFIDENTLY share you message because you have been given all the tools around all the production basics that instantly make you look more professional? (lighting, sound, framing, background design, etc.)

  • ...look and feel fabulous on camera as your authentic self?"

  • ...understand the strategies on the different platforms of Facebook and Instagram to grow momentum and your following, with the result of a bigger bank account?

  • ...effectively develop and tell your "Champion Story", or what is also called your hero story, in which you effectively share the challenges you have overcome, the actions that now allow you to thrive and how you now show others to do the same? These are the stories that truly connect others with you, causing them to want to follow you because you have gone through what they are currently struggling with and YOU have the answers to help them.

  • ...know the basics of going LIVE so to show up confidently ready to provide VALUE to your viewers

  • ...know how to deliver your message in a mesmerizing way to drive your clients to pull out their credit cards out over and over again? News flash! Charisma, or your "IT Factor" CAN be taught and how fun would it be to use it to increase your profits?! 

  • ...understand how to effectively use body language to get your message across? (80% of our communication is non-verbal...understanding how your posture, gestures and timing affect what people perceive is incredibly instrumental in getting your message across more!)

  • ...know simple tricks to create and plan out effective content so to show up consistently for your audience?

  • ...know simple body and mindset tips and tricks to help you get out of resistance and shake the nerves? 

  • to repurpose your LIVE content for different platforms.

  • And SO much more!

It is time to FINALLY feel great on camera with a strategic plan to reach millions so you can more effectively attract your ideal clients by leaps and bounds though Facebook & Instagram LIVES, Instagram Stories and recorded videos!  It's time to create more high quality video that makes you stand out in an ever growing and crowded marketplace.

Don't miss out and sign up for Lights, Camera, Confidence! to help you increase your income, impact and influence through LIVE & Recorded VIDEO! 



Let's be real...if you are not using video in your business marketing, you are leaving SO much money on the table!

Some stats for you:

  • Web pages that use VIDEOS are converting at a 67% rate higher than pages NOT using video.
  • 80% of all online content is now video. If you do not stand out with your own strong video branding you will get lost in the sea. 

  • We are more likely to purchase from a video (by 80%) over text because so many more senses are activated when it is used. You know the old adage of "a picture is worth a thousand words." Video is worth millions, if not billions. 

  • 80% of our communication is done through our non-verbal communication (body-language, tone, level of sound, cadence, timing, etc.). Think about how much your not getting across if you are not using video! And think about all the people who are not getting reached because they aren't seeing you and experiencing your message?


Do the math...on the low end, think about gaining even just one client per week from doing videos...videos that can reach literally millions of people across the globe...What is the amount you would earn? Now, multiply that by 4 for the month and 12 for the year. How much is that? A LOT, right? 

But you may be asking, "Elizabeth, what makes this course and YOU so different, from others teaching on the similar topic?"

Great question!


What I bring to the table is a unique set of experiences, approaches, and knowledge that I have not seen anyone else do in the marketplace when it comes to video coaching. 

I am a certified international transformational coach, elevating my clients’ public and business profiles through personal branding and on-camera work and video production. From small business owners to high-aspiring millionaire entrepreneurs, realtors, pro-athletes (NFL), and new TV personalities (HGTV and American Idol contestants), I help you be seen as the expert in your field and expand your platform. I can help guide you on how to best embody your brand and expand your influence, impact and income through effective social media videos and TV appearances. Those videos can be from you creating your own on your phone all the way to fully produced videos with my production team. 

But what sets me apart from all the others is that I am a seasoned international stage and on-camera performer, who's extensive performing and multiple graduate degrees focused on the research of helping other performers exponentially improve their connection with the audience and make their performing more authentic, helps me now help you, the entrepreneur, show up so much more effectively on camera and set yourself apart from the rest.  I have a keen sense of the understanding of body language and the development of charisma that stems from my dancing career that not very many people bring to the table. The benefit to you is that you will have a better sense of how to better embody your work and bring it out through the camera so that you can more effectively connect with your audience. 

As a result from all those diverse experiences, I have developed my proprietary signature program to help you shine and unleash your inner icon! Want to know more about that program? Then continue reading!  

One fun fact is that I am also the creator of the famous Video Glam/Man Cam Kit, which takes the guesswork out of creating your self-produced videos with all the equipment you need in one glam bag!  It is definitely a fabulous supplement to this course, so make sure to check it out. Others will send you all over the place to find your equipment, where everything is right here in one bag for your glamorous convenience!

Already ready to sign up!?! You have two payment options! 

So, wanna know what's in this signature system/course and how it is structured?! Here goes:

  • Each Tuesday, starting August 28th through October 6th at 7pm CST/8pm EST we will meet via Zoom video conferencing call for that week's content. If you are unable to make it at the designated time, it will be recorded, so no FOMO! 

  • Each week you will receive a handout/workbook that coincides with that week's material and assignments to then do and PRACTICE through the week.

  • We will have a private Facebook group where you can post your videos and support each other. We want you to push out of your comfort zone and consistently post your videos for support from the group and feedback from me! I will be active throughout the week to provide feedback to each of your videos and invite all participants to give support to each other. 

  • I will hold office hours for question and answer in the Facebook group each Thursday at 12pm CST/1pm EST to go over any questions you have after getting your assignments. This time may change depending on the consensus of the group. You will have the opportunity to send me questions ahead of time if you are unable to make it, which I will answer then. 

  • As a FAST ACTION BONUS, if you pay sign up before AUGUST 25th you will receive a hour private coaching session with me (value $300) to go over your videos, to be fulfilled at any point from the date you sign up to the last day of the course (October 5th) to review your videos. 



Module 1: Setting the Stage

In this module we are going to cover everything about increasing the production value of your videos to instantly making you look like the pro that you know you are. No more guessing on what type of equipment and technology to use and how to use it!

We will cover:

  • What the best types of lighting are that help your audience literally see you better, thus receive your message more effectively, and make you look amazing (even without a filter)

  • How the heck are you supposed to frame yourself for the most impact

  • What some of the best types and hacks are for background design to help develop brand awareness and familiarity

  • Why sound is so important to be aware of and how to step it up a notch

  • And more.

You will walk away from this module knowing exactly what you need to do in terms of equipment and what to do with it. Just this one step can increase your confidence considerably so that then you can start getting into the nitty gritty of the good stuff, namely the juicy content you are going to create for your adoring fans so to serve them at your highest level, which we will cover in the coming modules!

You will receive assignments from this material to practice and integrate and post in the group for feedback during the coming week. Remember to implement right away and bring your questions forward for the week's Q+A session later in the week!

To get results faster (and be ready for this week's module assignments!), maximize our time together and get the most out this course, don't miss out on getting all your needed equipment in one place with your Video Glam/Man Cam Kit! Just click on the button below and get yours in time for the course! Watch this quick video showing you how crazy it can be searching for equipment! Maybe you can relate!


Module 2:  Your Champion Story

Stories connect us at a visceral level. Plain and simple. I don't know one person who didn't adore story time while they were kids. We learned valuable lessons, were taken on imaginary journeys, were held in suspense and made to giggle until our sides hurt. And that love of stories does not go away as we go into adulthood. Stories connect us together at the human level. They are emotional. Joyful. Tragic. Triumphant. They show our journey. Our ups and our downs. Our setbacks and our overcoming. They instill trust, faith and inspiration.

Stories are key in helping your audience connect with you and want to work with you. But how do you write your story, let alone tell it? Not all stories, or storytellers are created equal, so we will be diving deeply into how to craft and deliver your story so to move people.

There are certain elements you need to include in your personal story and in how you tell it to make it most effective. Included in this course (plus much more), we will cover:

  • What did you overcome? What were your challenges and depths of difficulty?

  • Who is the story for? What are THEIR pains?

  • Where are you now? What is your ‘cure’ to their pains?

  • How do you work with others where your past pains are currently theirs

  • And much more! I'm not going to give you all my secrets (unless you join us in the course)!

Then, we will cover how to share your story in an authentic way as well as who it is for. This is where you (and your audience) will experience the power of the authenticity of being YOU. It can be the most scary and vulnerable, but you find SO much power in sharing it! You will be amazed! 

You will walk away with the structure necessary to write your story as well as a way to share it. Without this story you won't be nearly as powerful in any part of your business compared to if you have it. Connections = Customers. Period.

You will receive assignments from this material to practice and integrate and post in the group for feedback during the coming week. Remember to implement right away and bring your questions forward for the week's Q+A session later in the week!



Module 3:  What to say and when to say it. A strategy is THE key!   

Now that you are solid in knowing and telling your Champion story, are clearer on how to articulate how you help people, along with their pains and concerns, it's time to start developing and planning out your content so that you can connect and serve at your highest level. I know from personal experience the total anxiety and confusion that is created when I don't have a specific plan in place for my social media videos and posts. I have often just posted on the fly with no strategy, which causes a sense of low confidence for me and a lack of consistency giving to my audience...two recipes for disaster! You probably have felt the same at points, or all the time. 

The answer is a simple strategy for gaining clarity as well as for planning out everything in one afternoon a month, which I will show you in this module. You will also learn how to batch your videos so that you aren't scrambling every week to produce your videos.

You will walk away with clarity and a plan to go and create your content calendar so to totally take away the anxiety around the question: "What do I post and create video about that will serve my audience AND bring in $$$?" Without a plan there is no sense in doing any of it. 

You will receive assignments from this material to practice and integrate and post in the group for feedback during the coming week. Remember to implement right away and bring your questions forward for the week's Q+A session later in the week!

Module 4:  It's Go Time...Pushing that "GO LIVE"!

Whew! You have now accomplished SO much thus far in the program! You have:

  • all the production basics under your belt and set up to create stellar looking videos that grab people's attention
  • your Champion Story written with a clear understanding of how you connect with those who you serve so that you start to develop your following of loyal fans and clients
  • a strategy in place for your themes, topics, posts and videos and calendar scheduled out for when you are going to post those
  • Wow! You have come so far!

Now it is time to GO LIVE! But how to you d effectively that serves your clients and prospective clients at your highest level? 

In this module we will cover:

  • the basics of Facebook LIVE to set yourself up for success from the start (technology, best practices of order, creating eye-catching headlines and more)
  • how to structure your videos for the best results
  • how to make your audience feel appreciated knowing you are not wasting their time and ready to provide them with VALUABLE content
  • how to bring life into the topics you set in your content schedule so to provide great content that keeps your audience viewing and wanting to come back for more
  • script outlines to follow to help you stay on track and relax into your live broadcasts 
  • hacks to help you seem like you have been on camera all your life
  • ways to prompt your audience for more engagement (this not only helps you understand your audience better, but also helps with tripping the algorithms)
  • how to create a strong call to action that gets people to take action (and purchase from you!

You will receive assignments from this material to practice and integrate and post in the group for feedback during the coming week. Remember to implement right away and bring your questions forward for the week's Q+A session later in the week!




Module 5:  Taking it to the next level  & developing your personal "It Factor"

In this module we will take it to the next level and focus on how to really shine on camera as YOU with an expanded sense of CHARISMA (your secret sauce and my favorite topic! This is where the magic truly begins!). This will greatly impact your delivery, thus your bank account!

So many videos fall flat because the presenter lacks the confidence and doesn't tune into their personal essence that magnetizes their audience to want to tune in, continue watching with bated breath and become a loyal follower who wants to buy from you over and over again. Someone can have THE best content, but if there isn't that "spark" the enlivens others, people get bored and go on to the next thing. Don't neglect this part in your development to video super stardom! 

We will cover:

  • different ways to get into your body before pushing the "go live" button so to feel more empowered and empowering
  • understanding body language and how to best use it in your every day life, at events and on camera so to expand your impact and influence
  • understand the different types of charisma and determine where you naturally fit in (even we introverts, yes, I am an introvert, can be charismatic!)
  • ways to find yourself in the "zone" more often so to thrust yourself into the present where you begin to get out of your head, can think on your feet quickly and truly start trusting yourself in more public situations and moments of "performing"

You will walk away from this module with a greater sense of your natural charisma and ways you integrate that awareness that you then can take into all aspects of your life, especially on video! 

You will receive assignments from this material to practice and integrate and post in the group for feedback during the coming week. Remember to implement right away and bring your questions forward for the week's Q+A session later in the week!

Module 6 :  Stories & Filters & Lifestyle! Oh, my!  

Now it's time to have FUN!!!! Up to this point, we have covered all the basics to make you a super star on video! Way to go!! But what can you do to expand your influence, impact and INCOME in ways that are both fun and intentionally purposeful?

In this final module we will cover:

  • how to create and use Instagram video posts, Stories and IGTV.  This is where you can get really creative and show your audience more of the behind the scenes of your life, lifestyle and business. This is one place where your true personality, interests, creativity, silliness and so much more can shine through. 
  • how to take one video and make a plan on repurposing it for Instagram, YouTube, sales pages, your website, webinars and so much more!
  • the basics of editing and free resources to do so (and places to send your material to get edited...remember, you are not a professional editor, so leave that for the pros! Your purpose is serving your clients, not sitting behind your computer trying to create your own!) 
  • other platforms that support you going live (BeLive, etc.)
  • various ways to MONETIZE your videos and make sales in your sleep!
  • Close with a celebration!

You will receive assignments from this material to practice and integrate and post in the group for feedback during the coming week. Remember to implement right away and bring your questions forward for the week's Q+A session later in the week!




Let's do this!

Still need to get your Video Glam Cam Kit? 

Still not convinced you need to start using video? Look at these points and statistics...

  • Video provides an opportunity for your prospective and current clients to know, like and trust you. It makes you and your brand relatable. Because of this, you build much deeper and genuine relationships with potential clients that are long-term, increasing your following AND income. When you integrate video in your lead magnets and website...BAM!  You gain clients while you sleep!
  • It is an incredibly effective tool for personal transformation into the person you desire to be in life and in business. Not only does it challenge your fears of showing up on so many levels, but it serves as a visual record keeper of your transformation over time, and allows you to try out different looks and messaging, helping you further explore and develop your personal brand.  
  • Many top social media forecasters say that by the end of 2018 more than 80% of all online content will be video. That figure will continue to rise, with it projecting to be 90% by 2019.

So, basically, plain and simple, if you are not using video in your social media marketing, you’re isolating yourself from potential customers and you are leaving a BUNCH of money on the table! Don't miss this opportunity to stand out above the crowd, as a realization of your full and unique self, looking on-brand in your best and most professional light, or else you will be lost in the sea! 

Be ahead of the curve, as well as a change-maker and a revolutionary with your personal branding.

Never before in the history of humankind have we had such an opportunity to reach the world and express and create who we are and how we produce ourselves in a way that will best serve our audience, clients and ourselves as fully expressed humans.

Now is your time to shine! 


#BeBold #BeBrave #BeIconic