Lights, Camera, Confidence!

Increase your

Impact, Influence and Income

with VIDEO and Transformative Success Coaching!













Increased Reach, Brand Perception & Sales!

(meaning a bigger impact on your ideal clients AND your bank account!)

Package #1 One Day Intensive

Lights Camera Confidence Program


In your business, YOU are the BRAND as a visionary entrepreneur, author, creative, or influencer who has experienced success, but are ready to catapult to the next level of success by upleveling your visual brand. You know it is time to overcome your fears of getting on camera so to reach and serve your clients around the world. You also know it is time to step out in front of your product, or service and let your voice be heard. You are ready and determined to push yourself and your limits so to rise above the crowd because you are done with playing small, or hiding in plain view. Your vision is big and you desire to make a big impact in the world. 


  • I’m afraid to get visible on camera because I will look stupid, forget what I want to say, or might make a mistake.

  • I don’t want to do video because don’t think I look right (camera angles, bad posture, too fat, too many weird facial expressions, yadda, yadda, yadda.).

  • I don’t know how to begin, or what to say

  • Creating a whole series seems too overwhelming

  • I don’t know how to style myself confidently and on brand

  • I love to be able to create my own budget-friendly videos that I can produce in between professionally made ones

  • Every time I am about to push the record button I want to throw up and run for the fields

  • What if they find out I'm really a fraud and I don't know as much as I say I do? (darling, you are not a fraud and so much information inspiration to share with millions!)

  • Maybe you know you need videos in your online presence, but don’t want to spend high $$$ on professionally created videos yet due to fear of wasting money because you don’t feel confident on camera, know what to say, or have your personal brand put together. You’d hate to spend an arm and a leg and come away with something that does not represent you!

  • And more, right?  

I'm here to tell you that it all can totally be learned & used with intention to

magnetize your ideal clients.


Well, my friend, I can show you that videos can be created

easily & joyfully!


Especially when you have an expert take you by the hand, every step of the way, unfold the process of creating your personal brand and videos, understand the best equipment to have, AND coach you on your on camera delivery so that you are ready to start filming your own videos that look professional...and do better in your LIVEs AND have you feeling completely prepared and ready to run with a professional videographer in the future!

It’s time to drop the drama of being terrified to push the ‘record’ button and finally

Step into Your Power.

Stand Out in Your Brand.

And finally be seen as the expert in your industry by being captivating on your videos!

With my Lights, Camera, Confidence Program, all of those roadblocks will be taken down.

No More  Excuses!

You have the passion, you have the product, you truly understand your customer’s pain points and you know you’ve got the solution.  After this program, your clients will see that, too.

In this digital world, you must humanize your brand and make it relatable. Because in this ever-changing digital climate, people no longer want to just buy a product, service or an idea - they want to buy the story behind it. Importantly, make sure your story is heard. And if you share it on video, your impact and income can be huge!

But don’t just expect that you will be seen amongst the white noise that already exists and will continue to be created. In the same way, don’t think that you won’t be able to stand out.  


In Your 5 hour Personalized Intensive  you will receive coaching on:

  • your personal branding
  • clarity of messaging
  • your on camera charismatic presence and delivery practice so that you deliver your message on camera and in person in a mesmerizing way to drive your clients to pull out their credit cards
  • all the how-tos in video creation
  • video scripting
  • budget friendly equipment needed, and more.
  • ways to overcome fears around the camera,
  • tips on looking and feeling great on camera
  • tips on more effective body language
  • understanding of lighting, cameras, sound, framing, on-brand background
  • AND, most importantly, by the end of our time together you will be ready to start recording videos (and, as a result, more effectively, be able to do LIVEs) showing you as the expert providing great content to your ideal clients, that you create on your own phone, or are completely prepared to take the next step in hiring your professional videographer and team! (I can help you with that next step as well, in my next level program when the time is right!)

Are you already feeling resistance? Does the mere idea of the camera make you shutter? Maybe you've never considered yourself as charismatic or captivating and can't see yourself being so, ESPECIALLY on camera. Maybe you’ve always thought that people are born naturally charismatic and fabulously courageous on camera.

Well, it is time to realize your true self, push the boundaries of your own self-image and transform into the confident, on-brand ambassador that your business needs!


  • Self confidence in yourself and message

  • A structure for your videos

  • Your on-camera presence developed. Get out of your shell so that clients new and old will know and love the true you. An investment in your brand is an investment in YOU. This is also your marketing dollars that will pay you over and over again!

  • Learn and implement a platform/tool (both recorded and LIVE) that will help you increase your impact and income.

  • Build an empire of raving fans, who love you and what you have to offer.

  • Get comfortable on camera, be confident in your own skin, and learn to let yourself shine through!

  • Become visible and be seen as not simply as the competitor, but as the dominator in your industry.

  • Get the know-how’s of how to build credibility and rapport with your audience, fast.

  • Develop confidence in yourself, your delivery, what you are offering, and equip yourself with better understanding of how to clearly get your message across!

  • Learn how to take ownership of your own advertising success.

  • Increase engagement with your audience (we are more than 80% more likely to engage and purchase when video is used! That’s a lotta clicks!).

  • Push your fears of truly showing up aside and transform into the person YOU know you are meant to be (both internally and externally)

  • Give you a platform to grow and deliver your content and teachings to provide VALUE that is easily digestible by a wider audience.

  • Feeling of empowerment as you will be equipped to consistently create high quality videos that expresses who you are, what transformation you offer your potential clients.

  • Scripts for you to use to record videos to then post and flaunt.

  • A sense of relief and excitement because you will have something that sells FOR you 24/7! You can now clone yourself, selling your products and services while you are out enjoying a glass of bubbly! Sounds pretty good, oui? ☺

So, what are you waiting for!? THIS IS YOUR TIME! Click on the button below and let's get started! 




  • My comprehensive Facebook LIVE guide and video series to help you produce your own celebrity media stardom and reach the world! ($97 value)

  • An exclusive video of my personal makeup artist, celebrity makeup artist, Bridgett LaDawn who shows us how to apply our make up in the most effective way for video! ($400 value)




Want More of a Transformation in your Personal Branding, Business and Life so that you truly take that next quantum leap in your IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INCOME?

Then this next package is for you....


Inner Icon Signature VIP Transformational Program

The perfect package for a longer, more substantial luxury VIP iconic experience with more time with me to create a bigger transformation.


You know you are meant for big things, but you are still living small.

As an entrepreneur, you know that you have so many interests and so many talents that you don't know what to do to pull them all together into one amazing package so that you can really serve and message in a way that you were meant to do in this world. 

You might have what seems like outlandish desires, goals and dreams that other people think are totally crazy, but for you, this is really where you are supposed to be. 

I have clients who want to host Saturday Night Live. They want to be in movies. They want to be shoulder to shoulder with Tony Robins. They have big visions for their lives and their businesses. You probably are the same.

But the thing is is that you have to BECOME that person in order to reach those BIG-vision goals. And so often you can shortchange yourself because of doubts, fears and not thinking you are good enough, or worthy enough. Sometimes our old beliefs and how we see ourselves are from the past, holding us back. 

It's time to gain clarity and figure out how to become that person in terms of personal transformation, mindset and different strategies and actions you need to take in order to reach those goals. It's time to clarify what you are doing in your business, who you are working with, what really lights you up and what you are doing when you are in your zone of genius where everything seems to come together.

This is all so that you can really step out and become that person you know you are meant to be with a personal brand that is easily recognizable, that excites you, and that is inspiring to you so that it is also inspiring to your ideal client.    

If you are fully ready to step into that person you know you are meant to be, overcome barriers that are keeping you from truly being visible to expand your brand, and you are committed to taking the action to making that happen, I would like to invite you into my 3 month transformational program. My available spaces are currently limited, so I am being selective in working with only very committed entrepreneurs who truly desire to take that next quantum leap transforming your personal brand and style from the inside out and hone what you need to truly get visible as the expert in your industry.

What is in this Program?

The 3 month transformational program starts with a 2 hour intensive, which allows us to really dig deep into your desires, goals, dreams, and blocks. We are then able to develop more clarity around your brand and messaging, which then culminates into a tailored plan specific to your needs and goals. 

The sole purpose of this program is for you to step into your power, get ultra clear on what you are doing and get clear on your ideal client and how to "speak their language", work through any blocks that are keeping you small and truly start serving so that you increase your impact, influence and income. You will then receive 11 more 1 hour sessions over the course of 3 months. 

During the 3 months, you will receive on-going support and coaching around fully stepping into your purpose, working through and developing a success-oriented mindset that is tailored to you to help you work toward the next level of your business and life, developing your personal brand, and helping you set up your business structures in terms of social media, delegation and more so to take you to the next level in your business and life so that you can catapult yourself to the next level of stratospheric success and income. 

You also get unlimited email, texting and messaging support between sessions (answered during regular business hours) with tailored exercises to do as well as receive book recommendation that relate to what you need at that time. 

This package is where we really get to have fun, go deeper and help you witness a fabulous transformation in yourself! Let's get to work in blessing yourself by finally getting out of the way of yourself, getting fully visible and following your soul's purpose and, in turn, blessing the world in the way you were created to.

It is time to step into who you are meant to be...that BIG, BOLD, vision you hold so closely to your heart. Stop living small! 

$5000 pay in full (or 3 payments of $1800)

Is your brand ready for a fully produced video and photoshoot with a video strategist walking with you every step of the way?

Then this next package is for you....

Be Iconic  Video and Coaching Productions


You desire a visual manifestation of your transformation for your marketing (and yourself) that exemplifies your brand and you. I have partnered with my production team to provide you a done for you professionally made video (like the one above) and branding photography! This will done for you during a bespoke VIP intensive day and then a full day of filming and shooting! It's kind of your graduation into the superstar celebrity expert you have transformed into! This can be scheduled in Dallas, or in other locations with an additional cost. This service worth $3000+ alone, so take advantage of the whole package! 

Introducing your full service Success/Personal Branding Coaching & Video Production Team in the Dallas area & beyond, Be Iconic Video & Coaching Productions!

We help authors, designers, speakers, executives & entrepreneurs (industry stars-in-the-making!) who are ready to move to their next level of confident visibility through personal coaching & VIDEO in a luxury setting so to share your message on a grand local, national & international level. It is time to increase your IMPACT, INFLUENCE & INCOME to the masses through truly upleveling yourself & your imagery to promote your business.

Through coaching, you further discover & develop your star power (clarity in your brand message & scripting, personal presence & branding, mindset, charisma & camera delivery) from the inside out.

My world-class, star-studded TEAM, made up of fashion industry celebrity experts in Videography/Photography, Creative Direction, Make Up/Hair Design and Fashion Styling, then TRANSFORMS that INNER VISION & MINDSET into VIDEO, so that you emerge with a video that truly expresses your brand & the world-class LARGE impact you KNOW you were made to make!

It’s time to peel back the layers, be treated with the highest level of quality & luxury, & emerge with an amazing video. 


  • 5 hour intensive before the shoot with me to go over messaging, scripting, camera confidence and practice delivery
  • My constant support and coaching on set during the shoot day
  • I will be your liaison between you and the production team before, during and after to insure your vision becomes visible
  • On the day of the shoot, you will receive:
    • Champagne upon arrival
    • My support as your coach throughout the entire shoot
    • 2 hours for hair and make up by my celebrity make up artist, Bridgett LaDawn and hair stylist, Ricky Dallas. (Value $1400)
    • 3 outfits styled for you by celebrity stylist, J Bolin and his team (to be there for the entire time to dress you) (Value $1500)
    • 6 hours designated for shooting up to a 2 minute video and branding photos (three looks) in the studio, or on location (Value $3000)
    • Catered lunch
    • Drone upon request and additional fee
  • After the shoot:
    • I will coordinate communication between you and videographer to coordinate edits (2) and final project

My SUPER STAR TEAM who created this video and styled me and who will be YOUR team to help you realize YOUR VISION include:

Video: Kauwaune Burton Studios
Creative Director: London Burton
Make up and hair: Bridgett LaDawn Washington
Stylist: J. Bolin Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Expert

Get ready and enjoy this deluxe, luxury, ViP, bespoke packing made just for you so that you shine like the star that you are! 




By special invite only.

This bespoke package is reserved for a select few spaces in my calendar for the discerning individual desiring support as you need it. You are not one who needs a weekly call, but tailored and exclusive support for when the need arises (prep for events, speaking engagements, social events).

To begin your 6 months, you will receive a 5-hour luxury intensive to get clear on your messaging, goals, blocks and more and then create a plan for the coming months.

You will then receive 6 hours of actual coaching time per month with unlimited text and email support throughout. These hours can be used toward prep, or event attendance support at a first come, first served basis (we will want to get your events on the calendar asap.). Additional hours can be purchased upon request.

When you select this exclusive package you are, in a sense, receiving the 5-hour intensive complementary when compared to doing my 3 month package twice. (Value $2500) 

Coming soon! By application only...

Exclusive 2 day VIP Retreat

Do you desire the personal transformation outlined above, but would prefer the time to be condensed, yet be just as profound, in a 2-day luxury small group VIP retreat, where you stay at a chic and luxurious hotel in beautiful and cosmopolitan downtown Dallas, complete with:

  • masterminding,
  • exclusive one on one sessions
  • group coaching/training by yours truly,
  • a VIP photoshoot and video shoot bespoke to you and your brand.

And don't forget the champagne lunches...!

THIS is the ultimate event for high powered female entrepreneurs to thrive, fully show up and uplevel their brand and business to their next level.

Come join me and 3-4 other success-oriented business boss-ladies and let's #unleashyourinnercelebrity


(Includes accommodations, black car transportation, 2 lunches and one dinner, masterminding, luxury video/photoshoot the second day)

Places are by application only, so please fill out the form below! 

Name *

You are meant to be and be seen as an expert and influencer in your industry! It's time to unleash your inner celebrity™!

- Elizabeth de Moraes


Love for Elizabeth from Clients

One of the greatest gifts I have given myself is working with Elizabeth. Through our process together prior to getting to Paris, she beautifully and elegantly took me through a 5-hour coaching process where we really honed in on how I wanted to express myself and my brand to the world. I felt really comfortable, in my power...Also, what I love about her is that she really knows how to get to the heart and soul of who you are and what your business brand is. And really from that place is where she really helps you birth and it will be an exquisite experience and you will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.


There are a lot of things that go into making yourself feel comfortable and as a professional presenting yourself, really, to the world, and as a psychotherapist I want to make sure to put my best face in my best brand forward. And if you work with her I think you will, or actually, I know, that you are going to feel that you are going to get the best top brand, the top information possible.


One of the biggest shifts I made [in working with Elizabeth] was getting over myself... It’s about going ahead and doing it but doing it imperfectly and being okay with that. That was the biggest shift because I think that was what was stopping me the most. I had to have it right. The other thing that helped and what made it so easy is that she gave us a structure. She gave us two structures, actually, to format your content, which again that was another thing that was stopping me with “What do I say or how do I say it?” If you are thinking about working with Elizabeth, do it!