Inner Celebrity Signature 3-Month Transformation Program

Inner Celebrity Signature 3-Month Transformation Program


This 3-month program is designed to help you step out and become that person you know you are meant to be with a personal brand that is easily recognizable, that excites you, and that is inspiring to you so that it is also inspiring to your ideal client.   

This transformational program starts with a 2 hour intensive, which allows us to really dig deep into your desires, goals, dreams, and blocks. We are then able to develop more clarity around your brand and messaging, which then culminates into a tailored plan specific to your needs and goals. The sole purpose of this program is for you to step into your power, get ultra clear on what you are doing and get clear on your ideal client and how to "speak their language", work through any blocks that are keeping you small and truly start serving so that you increase your impact, influence and income. You will start with a 2 hour intensive and then receive 11 more 1 hour sessions over the course of 3 months. You will also receive unlimited VOXER access, email, and messaging support between sessions (answered during regular business hours).

I cannot wait to get started!


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