Confidence & Clarity Intensive

Confidence & Clarity Intensive


This package is for the entrepreneur who is READY to hone your on-camera presence and messaging because you know it is time to take your brand to the next level by making a big splash in the media (TV talk shows, media, your social media campaigns).

You either want to get going on this type of marketing, or have an opportunity that has come that you need to get ready for FAST!  (Been called to appear on your local morning show, or Dr. Oz?!? If so, it is time to get to work together!)

Your 4 hour Personalized Intensive can include any of the following, depending on your needs:

  • your personal branding

  • clarity of messaging

  • your on camera charismatic presence and delivery practice so that you deliver your message on camera and in person in a mesmerizing way to be seen as the expert (on the news, TV, etc.) drive your clients to pull out their credit cards

  • interviewing skills

  • all the how-tos in your own video creation for social media (going LIVE, anyone!?)

  • video scripting

  • ways to overcome fears around the camera

  • tips on looking and feeling great on camera

  • tips on more effective body language...How do you sit? How to move? What is too much movement? What is not enough?

  • How do magnetize your audience?

  • understanding of lighting, cameras, sound, framing, on-brand background

  • AND, most importantly, by the end of our time together you will be ready to get in front of the camera and show up to deliver your expertise as the expert you are!!

What are you waiting for!?!