Elizabeth is available to appear as your Success and Visibility Strategist for regional, national and international TV networks. Topics she can speak included, but not limited to, are below.

She is also available to act as speaker, or host for your show, or event.

Elizabeth de Moraes

International Success and Visibility Strategist for Entrepreneurs and Rising Stars (HGTV, NFL, American Idol and more), Bestselling Author, Speaker



Elizabeth de Moraes is a certified International Success Coach who elevates her clients’ public and business profiles by coaching on more charismatic ways of showing up and captivating any room. After working with her her clients are confidently ready to step onto bigger stages (speaking, TV and social media) to bigger audiences to make the impact they are meant to make on the world.

A seasoned international stage and on-camera performer, Elizabeth brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to the table when coaching her clients, which encompasses high-aspiring Millionaire Entrepreneurs, Realtors, Pro-Athletes, and new TV Personalities, helping them be seen as experts in their field.

Having guided superstar clients from HGTV the NFL, American Idol contestants and more, Elizabeth guides you on how to best embody your brand and expand your influence, impact and income through different types of stages…real stages, TV appearances and social media videos.

She is also the creator of the Video Glam Cam Kit™, which takes the guesswork out of creating your self-produced videos with all the equipment you need in one glam bag!  When not working with her clients she can be found as a speaker at live events and on-camera interviews sharing her message and empowering other entrepreneurs to share their voice and stories.

Her personalized and tailored programs cover:

  • changing your mindset to smashing your limiting beliefs around truly stepping into who you desire to be so to impact the world in the way you were made to

  • personal branding (messaging, styling, video presence)

  • developing your magnetic presence and on-camera delivery and presence so that you look and feel like the celebrity you know you are!

  • supporting you in all the technical elements of video creation for going LIVE and recorded video through her Video Glam Cam Kit

  • getting you mentally and physically ready to rock it out on being interviewed on TV and media

  • taking your through and producing your fully produced professional video series and quarterly/yearly marketing videos

  • and more!

A sample of topics Elizabeth can cover, among others: 

  1. Avoiding social media videos? Why doing so is the kiss of death for your business in 2019. Let’s talk about how you can reverse that and become “ever-present” and top of mind to your ideal clients.  

  2. Could using social media video land you your dream clients 2019? Here are 3 ways businesses can go LIVE, bringing in consistent leads to grow your business.

  3. This year, statistics show that 80% of all online content is video, so how do you stand out in the sea of social media videos to help market your business? Here are 3 simple tricks to instantly increase the production value of your videos, fast-tracking you to expert status.Dreading the camera? Local video expert reveals how you begin to start loving your image and voice (well at least accepting them!) when doing your social media marketing LIVES and videos.

  4. Simple mindset tips to shift your reality to start going for your dreams and attaining them

  5. Simple tips for star-quality Facebook LIVE broadcasts

  6. Camera presence and delivery coaching for on camera and on stage (timing, body language, cadence)

  7. Clarity of messaging (your personal story, who it is for, pains, your ‘cure’, what transformational elements do they gain?, what is your desired outcome from making your videos?).

  8. Technology used to create your own more professional looking videos (the best lighting, sound, background, framing, etc.)

  9. Planning out the structure of your videos and scripting

  10. Personal branding (styling, makeup, hair, environment)

  11. Practice filming and analysis before you launch your videos

  12. Video marketing strategy and further ideas for future videos (both recorded and Live)

  13. Setting up your professional “at-home studio” on a budget   

  14. Monitoring your kids’ social media activity without them freaking out! (and you stay cool)

  15. Mindset techniques to truly own your worth as an entrepreneur and expand your business

  16. Thanks for the memories! Easy ways to collect videos for special occasions

  17. Calling all businesses on social media - perfect your call to action for better conversions!

  18. And more...


Elizabeth de Moraes

International Success and Visibility Strategist



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You are meant to be and be seen as an expert and influencer in your industry! It’s time to
— Elizabeth de Moraes



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