Here are the essentials that you need to know about Personal Branding.


 Your Personal Brand Essence

Personal branding covers so much. The image that you put out of yourself, the copy that you write, your business logo and even the colours that you choose for your business brand.  Let's understand personal branding a little more, and the elements that make up your individual and unique brand.


Looking at Your Inspirations

Get ready for a deep dive into the core of your brand - the inspiration. This helps you not only reinforce your brand essence in your own mind, but ensure that you continue to embody a brand that is truly you.


Developing and Bringing Together Your Own Team

Now let's bring together your personal branding dream team - your web designers, branding designer (logo, colours, graphics), videographer and photographer. You don't want to DIY this and you don't want to bring in the wrong people - so let's talk about what you need to be looking for.  


Get Recognisable

Think about the brands that resonate with you and that you truly adore - now think, what makes them recognisable?