Ready to take your Video Productions to the next next level!?

The Video Glam/Man Cam Kit is THE best way to get started with your social media videos as it is effective, compact and easily transportable. It can be used in your office, your car, events and anywhere on the go! But you may be ready to take your video game to the next level and invest in bigger lighting, diverse backdrops and more for your home studio! To answer that need, I have created The Video Cam Kit 2.0!

The Video Cam Kit 2.0 Your Next Step!

You may be ready to take your video productions up a notch & design your own home studio! The answer? The Video Cam Kit 2.0! Order the kit below to increase your production value even more, without breaking the bank! 

Cam Kit 2.jpg

Included in this set is:

  • An 18 inch Ring Light! - bbi-color dimmable & color temperature adjustable LED ring light set with stand, case, and holder for your phone.

  • A double microphone with 16 feet cables to use for yourself, or for interviews.

  • 2 vertical fill lights and case (no need for those big bulky box light sets any more!) to fill in the light and give your face more depth!

  • A backdrop frame with 3 backdrops (white, black, green for green screen editing!)!


The Video Glam/Man Cam Kit!

Still haven't gotten your awesome Video Glam/Man Cam Kit!?! Lucky you as you are just one click of a button away below on getting your golden ticket to video creation heaven!