Iconic LIVE TV with International Business Coach and Mentor, Louise George!

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It's time for our second Iconic LIVE TV episode with Louise George, a transformational coach, business mentor, speaker and screen actress. After careers in property, then advertising and running businesses in property management and fitness coaching... and then burning out, Louise decided it was time to follow her heart and create the life she truly desired, with a business that enables her to work from anywhere, follow her passions and help other women to gain the clarity, mindset and tools to live the life they desire too. In less than a year Louise created a six figure coaching business, while traveling the world and is now helping others to consciously create the success and fulfillment they dream of. Louise is currently based in London but travels often for business and pleasure. When not running her business Louise can often be seen on screen, as an actor and on camera host and she enjoys being outdoors and in nature in her spare time, paddle-boarding, running and on adventures with friends and family.

Her main talking points today were...
- Running a successful business from the feminine - bucking the old paradigms of having to push, force and strive and bringing more ease and flow
- Consciously creating your reality
- A business & life that feels great (success and fulfillment)

...and more juicy tips! 

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Eli de Moraes