Iconic LIVE TV with Melissa Jesmerson Moore, Emmy-nominated TV producer, Dr. Oz contributor and Oprah-featured author


Ooh, it's so exciting because it is time to announce this week's Iconic LIVE TV guest for this week! 

She's none other than Emmy-nominated TV producer, weekly contributor to the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah-featured author, and dear friend, @mooremelissa56 !!! She gave us pointers on:

- 3 areas to set your self up for national media.

- How to attract media (you have to be media "friendly" and ready)

- an overview of how to set up your brand to be enticing to producers

- what to include in your bio, what sound bites are and how to include them on your website, and 

- how to position your brand

Because of technical difficulties, our guest was able to get on around minute 5, so fast forward to that point! 

Click on the Facebook image to the right to watch this week's episode! 

Eli de Moraes