Iconic LIVE TV with Branding Photographer, Bryan Chalien!


Today's guest is the fabulous photographer, Bryan Chalien, and he will help us (entrepreneurs who are our own brands) in developing our own personal brand through the element of imagery!

Make sure to set your calendar, come here at that time and get on and join the conversation!

Some of the aspects we will discuss include:

- How to prepare yourself before a photo shoot (brand imagery…how to show up for yourself…wardrobe...mindset, etc.)

- The importance of body language and how to speak it consciously in both your photos and in life...the secret is truly in the energy and small nuances. Knowing these things can have a HUGE impact on how you are perceived and, ultimately your success. (Plus, it is fun!)

- Ways to get creative and how to collaborate with your branding photographer so that your photos show YOU...your secret sauce!

Bryan's background:
Bryan Chatlien grew up in Alaska, shooting landscapes as a hobby. A period in the US Navy allowed him to explore the rest of the US and earn an education in electronics troubleshooting.

After moving to Dallas, he earned his chops working as Director of Photography and Cinematographer on TV Projects, Commercials, Indie Films, and Corporate Videos. On his resume are Art Films, Celebrity Interviews, Sizzle Reels, Travel Videos, and Concerts, as well as Feature Films.

He carried that film style with him as he transitioned back into still photography and opened his studio near Downtown Dallas in 2003. Experienced with running simple single-camera run-and-gun setups, as well as complex multi-camera shoots, he can provide a finished product that is as big or affordable as your needs require. He has spent time working handheld, Tripod, Steadicam, Motorized Jib Arm, Cineslider, and many other tools that can help you achieve that polished end product.

Bryan Also knows that it isn’t just about the tools, it’s about bringing in people to work with that have those extra skills and talents. His network includes Hair and Makeup Artists, Drone Pilots, Special Effects Artists, Editors, and even Actors.

All digital, all cutting edge techniques, every shoot is something different and new. Each of his clients have needed from him a wholly individual style, feel, and message in order to connect with their intended client base and audience. Bryan’s career has thus far taken him across the US, as well as internationally, and is looking forward to continuing the landscape photography of his childhood with the skills and style he has spent his adulthood mastering.


Eli de Moraes