Lights, Camera, Confidence! 4-hour Intensive


This package is for the entrepreneur who is READY to hone your on-camera presence and messaging because you know it is time to take your brand to the next level by making a big splash in the media (TV talk shows, media, your social media campaigns).

You either want to get going on this type of marketing, or have an opportunity that has come that you need to get ready for FAST!  (Been called to appear on your local morning show, or finally got your pitch through to HGTV to appear in your own episode?!? OR, you are in your rookie year in the NFL and now need to be able to speak well in interviews?!? If so, it is time to get to work together!)

In your business, YOU are the BRAND as a visionary entrepreneur, influencer, executive, or pro-athlete who has experienced success, but are ready to catapult to the next level of success by upleveling your personal visual and personality brand. You know it is time to overcome your fears of getting on camera so to reach and serve your clients around the world. You also know it is time to step out in front of your product, or service and let your voice be heard. You are ready and determined to push yourself and your limits so to rise above the crowd because you are done with playing small, or hiding in plain view. Your vision is big and you desire to make a big impact in the world. 


  • I’m afraid to get visible on camera because I will look stupid, forget what I want to say, or might make a mistake.

  • I don’t want to do video because don’t think I look right (camera angles, bad posture, too fat, too many weird facial expressions, yadda, yadda, yadda.).

  • I don’t know how to begin, or what to say

  • Creating a whole series seems too overwhelming

  • I don’t know how to style myself confidently and on brand

  • I love to be able to create my own budget-friendly videos that I can produce in between professionally made ones

  • Every time I am about to push the record button I want to throw up and run for the fields

  • What if they find out I'm really a fraud and I don't know as much as I say I do? (darling, you are not a fraud and so much information inspiration to share with millions!)

  • Maybe you know you need videos in your online presence, but don’t want to spend high $$$ on professionally created videos yet due to fear of wasting money because you don’t feel confident on camera, know what to say, or have your personal brand put together. You’d hate to spend an arm and a leg and come away with something that does not represent you!

  • And more, right?  

In Your 4 hour Personalized Intensive  you will receive coaching on:

  • your personal branding & styling

  • clarity of messaging

  • create a structure and plan of content creation

  • your on camera charismatic presence and delivery practice so that you deliver your message on camera and in person in a mesmerizing way to drive your clients to pull out their credit cards

  • all the how-tos in video creation

  • video scripting

  • budget friendly equipment needed, and more.

  • ways to overcome fears around the camera,

  • tips on looking and feeling great on camera

  • tips on more effective body language

  • understanding of lighting, cameras, sound, framing, on-brand background

  • AND, most importantly, by the end of our time together you will be ready to get in front of the camera and show up to deliver your expertise as the expert you are!

Are you already feeling resistance? Does the mere idea of the camera make you shutter? Maybe you've never considered yourself as charismatic or captivating and can't see yourself being so, ESPECIALLY on camera. Maybe you’ve always thought that people are born naturally charismatic and fabulously courageous on camera.

Well, it is time to realize your true self, push the boundaries of your own self-image and transform into the confident, on-brand ambassador that your business needs!


  • Be camera ready for TV, your LIVE videos and more

  • Self confidence in yourself and message

  • A structure for your videos

  • Your on-camera presence developed. Get out of your shell so that clients new and old will know and love the true you. An investment in your brand is an investment in YOU. This is also your marketing dollars that will pay you over and over again!

  • Learn and implement a platform/tool (both recorded and LIVE) that will help you increase your impact and income.

  • Build an empire of raving fans, who love you and what you have to offer.

  • Get comfortable on camera, be confident in your own skin, and learn to let yourself shine through!

  • Become visible and be seen as not simply as the competitor, but as the dominator in your industry.

  • Get the know-how’s of how to build credibility and rapport with your audience, fast.

  • Develop confidence in yourself, your delivery, what you are offering, and equip yourself with better understanding of how to clearly get your message across!

  • Learn how to take ownership of your own advertising success.

  • Increase engagement with your audience (we are more than 80% more likely to engage and purchase when video is used! That’s a lotta clicks!).

  • Push your fears of truly showing up aside and transform into the person YOU know you are meant to be (both internally and externally)

  • Give you a platform to grow and deliver your content and teachings to provide VALUE that is easily digestible by a wider audience.

  • Feeling of empowerment as you will be equipped to consistently create high quality videos that expresses who you are, what transformation you offer your potential clients.

So, what are you waiting for!? THIS IS YOUR TIME! Click on the button below and let's get started! 

Investment - $2000