The inner celebrity Experience

An empowering 6-week online transformative group experience for women, helping you, no matter your background, step out of your insecurities and fears that have been holding you back and into your own personal brilliance & spotlight.

You have been playing small and been invisible, so it is time to finally confidently OWN your full self, gifts, and passions, and impact the world as you know you were made to do, whether that is in person, on stage, or on camera!


Girl, I know that you want to show up every day like the confident BADASS you know you are inside and for that I have created something sublime for you to take part in.

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I also know that... desire to confidently walk into any room, or a stage and captivate that room with your own personal charismatic presence, without even saying a word. want to feel that you can make a big impact by being able to clearly communicate to those you come into contact with, whether that be in the boardroom, in your social media videos, or at PTO meetings for your kids. want to feel comfortable and confident that you belong in any situation you find yourself.

...secretly you desire to be mesmerizing to others, no matter the platform. want to live in your passions and total sensuality as a sublime woman who can fully, and from an empowered place, express and articulate your desires. There's a feistyness inside of you that is itching to come out. want to feel like the most beautiful you with a beauty that seems to radiate from within. desire to have confidence and poise that seems unstoppable/unbreakable.

…you desire to have health and vitality so that you can have a rocking and energetic body.

…you desire to dress and style yourself (and make up) that fits your personality, your energy and body shape. probably even have a desire to take other people's breath away with your gifts and presence because you know they are THAT powerful.

…I also know that you want to completely feel fabulous in your own skin no matter your shape or size.


Gorgeous woman, let me tell you that there is nothing wrong for wanting these things in your life. You deserve them as they are your truth. These things are all INSIDE of you.


But you have been holding back and hiding due to fears and insecurities.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have been editing yourself.

You have become the CSO of your life...Chief Sabotaging Officer. Self-sabotage has become such the norm, you don't even realize you are doing it anymore. You are a pro at convincing yourself of ways that seems right, but they are actually taking yourself out of the game. It has become a way of life. A habit.

You think you aren't worthy, are flawed, and will never be enough...thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough...and the list goes on.

You compare yourself to others thinking you will never measure up and that they have the upper hand ("She has it so easy because she's skinny/more beautiful/richer/has a great husband/has perfect branding photos, seems to always have it all together...etc.").

You’ve been over critical of yourself and everyone else around, getting pissy and resentful toward anyone who doesn’t do what you want them to do and treat you the way you want them to (while you expect them to know all of that by telepathy because you never fully show up in your power to actually calmly SPEAK what you really desire.).

You know you have AMAZING gifts and talents inside of you that you SO SO SO SOOOO wish others could see, but you don't let many in to see those things. What if you are too big? What if you aren't as good as you would like? What if someone judges you as wrong? What if you fall flat on your face for everyone to see? What if someone thinks you are full of yourself or conceited?

You have always set high standards for yourself and aspired to them, but know that they are so high and so perfect that you will never attain them. Perfectionism, and the procrastination that it causes, only tricks you into believing you are working toward something...Have you been writing your book now for 5 years? Yep! I see you! As a result, you become a self-fulfilling prophecy of never being good enough because you have so many loose ends not completed. BUT you must be good in some way as you are working on all of them at the same time, right!?!

You have lost touch with your dreams and true talents out of obligation of "adulting". Job. Kids. Marriage. Mortgage. Debt. It's like a body part has been cut off and you have forgotten that that body part is missing. You know "something" is missing, but it's been shoved down so deeply for so long, you don't know what it is.

As a high achiever, you've always been at the top of everything you do, but still have resistance toward FULLY stepping forward into your full spotlight and RECEIVING all the goodness you desire and deserve when you do step into it. This resistance to receiving shows up in lack of funds, opportunities, love interests, a general sense of joy, and more.

I know what it is like to feel all these things as I have felt them for so many years of my own life and I KNOW I am not alone. And neither are you. Please know that these are ALL beliefs, misconceptions and lies that have been conditioned into you by external sources...society norms, abusive partners, or parents, the mean girls from high school, social ideals of what beauty is "supposed" to look/sound/feel like and more.

_MG_3220-2 (2).jpg

It's not your fault and it doesn't have to be this way.

Your beliefs and mindset can completely change so that you start seeing yourself in a totally new way...a way that completely CELEBRATES who you are, what you stand for, and how you look, sound and feel. This then will cause a shift in how others see you and, as a result, will start treating your differently.


We often get it so confused thinking that if we change our appearance, or try and change others around us, things will get better. It doesn't work that way. YOU have to take internal initiative and change what is going on INSIDE, shift your internal energy, recalibrate your core beliefs that build you up, start taking action that relates to those inner changes and THEN your true essence and beauty will naturally radiate out. THEN, we can start looking at how you style yourself, wear your make up and ways to be on camera!

Your life seriously transforms before your eyes as mine has in front of mine…

The reason why I can say this all so confidently is because I have lived it.

I have lived EVERY ONE of the debilitating beliefs and behaviors above.

And now, as your guide, I am ready and honored to pass all that I have learned from being a Transformational Success/Visibility Coach, educator, and an international professional on-stage and on-camera performer and coach, on to you so that you can finally step away from the limiting beliefs that cause your fears and insecurities and BE THE BADASS you KNOW you are!

I SEE you and it is time that both you AND the world see YOU!

I’ve gone from this…a shy, introverted girl who felt incredibly insecure, full of shame, flawed, depressed and not enough, with a panache of self-sabotage, an addiction to food (I could and would eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting hiding by myself), debilitating negative self-talk, over eating and hiding in baggie clothing so no one would know how big I was getting…


To this below…a confident woman who knows her worth, steps confidently and charismatically into just about any social setting she walks into (whether it is making small talk with the CEO of a major company at an intimate dinner party, or telling jokes with Tariji P. Henson backstage at the Emmy Awards), and finally feels fabulous in her own 48 year old skin rocking a dress slit to her hip while dancing the international rumba in front of 100’s. Believe me, it has been a huge process going from feeling like the ugly duckling to who I am today (and it is still all a work in progress with highs and lows), but IT IS SO WORTH IT!


And now I want to help you reach whatever version of GORGEOUS SWAN you have envisioned for yourself! I SEE you and it kills me to witness that you are not letting out all the juicy and magnificent goodness that you have inside of you for everyone to see and be impacted!


Your Inner Celebrity Experience!

Your Inner Celebrity 6-week Experience will help you with:

  • CLARITY on your purpose, dreams, passions and goals that might have been lying dormant for a long time. It’s time to reconnect and reclaim those parts of you that have been hiding and then take inspired action toward those.

  • unshakable CONFIDENCE that makes you feel and look like the badass that you know you are. Easily implemented mindset tactics that will have you seeing yourself and the world in a whole new CONFIDENT light. These take time and consistent effort, but they work! The shedding of layers of baggage can truly be awe-inspiring.

  • deeper CONNECTIONS with your loved ones and those you desire to impact, creating deeper bonds.

  • magnetic CHARISMA that draws people in to you in person, on stage and on camera (even if you are an introvert!). In this you will learn new elements of awareness on how to internally shift to create a more CHARISMATIC, sexy energy that will cause others to say "I want what SHE'S having!"

  • More effective and intentional ways to COMMUNICATE through your body language, voice, composure/posture, and styling so to make the authentic and unique statement that is YOU.

  • CONDITIONING strategies for all aspects of your life of the body, mind and spirit so that the amazing vessel that you live in feels and looks AMAZING!

    Whether you are looking to feel better, more radiant and joyful in your skin in general, or make more money, attract the love of your life (or rekindle the passion and love you once had with your partner), or embrace your inner KICK-ASSEDNESS (yes, I just made up that word!) so that any and all dreams and desires you have can be brought into your reality, then this course is for you! This is all this so that you can RADIATE from the INSIDE OUT!

Let’s dive into the features of this signature course!

(Starting April 17th- May 22nd, 2019, for 6 weeks, every Wednesday at 8 pm CST)

* 6 LIVE weekly coaching calls to cover that week's topic

...these calls will be conducted LIVE, but also RECORDED and uploaded into the Facebook group if you are not able to make it to the live call. (value $3000)

* Weekly hands on exercises

…for you to practice that will relate to your goals, building upon the previous weeks’ content (value $1500)

* A private Facebook group

…to support each other, celebrate and communicate (value $1500)

*11 Added bonuses of resources AND special GUEST EXPERTS (see below for the list):

Join me in listening in to the recordings of experts as I interview them in the fields of fashion/styling, health, make up, photography and other surprises (value $3500+)

Total value: $9500+

If you feel you need to talk to see if it is a fit, schedule a 15 min chat with me at:

Are you ready?
Ready to show up everyday as the confident badass you know you are on the inside?

***For this inaugural release of this program, I am pricing it SO below it’s value so that more people can take part and see for themselves. I am incredibly motivated to reach as many as possible, so this one-time pricing is definitely something to take advantage of! We start April 17th, so don’t delay!***

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BEST OPTION (VIP All-Access Pass)
One payment of $697 (the next time I offer this it will be $897)

  • Full access to the course

  • AND a 1-hour coaching session with me ($300 value)  

  • The Video Glam Cam Kit ($197 value)…see video below

One payment of $297! (next time it will be $497)

Two monthly payments of $175

OMGosh!! Are you ready to hear about all the complementary BONUSES you get ?!

Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses Just For You!

(Shhhh! It’s like you are getting exclusive access to my inner circle of support in all I do…ALL accessible only in this course!)


Bonus #1 A Pilates/yoga Video

Your very own private Pilates/yoga video (hosted by yours truly) to integrate into your daily routine during our time together! We all need to keep our bodies moving as well as relaxing to feel our best and show up as our best! This is why I just had to add this!


Bonus #2 My Morning & Evening Meditation Recordings With Journal Prompt Templates

Meditation has helped me so much in helping break my limiting beliefs, set intentions and realign with my vision/focus. Included are one track for the morning and one for the evening along with the journal prompt templates I use to help in my clients’ as well as my own success.

Book collage.png

Bonus #3 The “Thrive Again” book sent to your door!

I wrote this book a few years ago while practicing Health Coaching and it fits perfectly for this “experience”! It’s all about how to time out in your life, tune into what you truly desire, and how to tone up your life and body! I hope you enjoy receiving it and reading it!


Now For Your Bonus Guest Expert s!

(…my personal inner circle of support all at YOUR finger tips!)


Bonus #4 Jodi Bullock - Intuitive Health Coach, Plant-Based Cook and Food Advocate

Jodi Bullock is an intuitive health coach, plant based cook and food advocate who works with clients and companies to realize their own powers to heal and transform their bodies from the inside. She is an influencer and consultant and teaches plant based eating through the energetics of food, the body, emotions and beliefs and is on a mission to get real food everywhere and to show parents how to feed their children so the next generation grows up healthy, happy and living as who they really are, without limitations of health or disease.

She will be talking with us on the energetics of food and how it relates to our health, energy, confidence, and natural beauty. She truly is amazing!

Jo final.png

Bonus #5 Jo Sweeney - International Stylist & Coach

Jo Sweeney is a Personal Stylist and Coach who works with clients to elevate their self belief & confidence on the inside and step up their style on the outside. Jo is a certified Transformational Coach and qualified Personal Stylist having trained with the prestigious London College of Style. She has coached women from all over the world on mindset and also styled at London Fashion Week.

“Style is extremely personal and I believe is a superb vehicle for authentic self expression and inner transformation. In my experience, when a woman takes the daily stress of what to wear, life becomes less about standing in front of a wardrobe confused each day and more about the undistracted focus of showing up in life as her best self. I help my clients to see themselves as the truly inspiring women they really are first, and then back this up with the wardrobe to communicate this with intention. It’s a real inner and outer transformation.” - Jo Sweeney

Jo is one of me closest business besties and I couldn’t be more excited to have you hear from her. Her insights and background are a perfect fit for this program!


Bonus #6 Bridgett LaDawn Washington - International Make-up Artist

Bridgett LaDawn Washington, celebrity make-up artist, creative director and business woman wears many hats. From Angela Bassett to HRH Sarah Ferguson, she is my main go-to make up artist. In her 20+ years in the fashion and beauty industry she has a built an impressive resume as a celebrity makeup artist. Her artistry has been seen in TV, film, print, and on international tours. She is known for her gift of creating glamorous yet soft looks. Considered a master makeup artist she teaches and develops other artists launching their careers through her Pro Makeup Academy. Bridgett has a broad clientele spanning from corporations, celebrities, socialites even to the Olympic Team USA. Many of her commercial clients seek her vision as a creative director and stylist as well. She has produced photo shoots for national ad campaigns, directed fashion shows and styled videos. In 2010 Bridgett developed a cosmetics line Glamour Rx.

She will be showing us how to create both natural and glamorous make up looks so to empower you to express yourself in the way you desire. I CANNOT wait for you to meet her!


Bonus #7 Kim Welch, RN, BSN, CANS - Aesthetics Expert and Trainer

Injections, Fillers, and Lasers, Oh, my!

Kim is a licensed and degreed aesthetic specialist.

Her number one focus is to help you look as good as you feel! She has over 21 years experience since graduating from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA as an injectable nurse with a strong clinical nursing background. She is passionate about helping her clients feel their best and her goal is to ensure her patients are consistently amazed by their results.

She is also the top, most requested national Injectable Trainer for Galderma and is frequently requested by Healthcare Professionals to train experienced staff/physicians on new treatments and procedures.

Kim is my total GO-TO person when it comes to things like this and I CANNOT wait for you to learn from her!


Bonus #8 Amanda Hale & Liz Gray - Branding Photography Experts of Adair Photography

These two powerhouses of Adair Photography are based out of Amarillo, Texas and have a deep love of capturing the true you. After meeting each other over 10 year ago through mutual friends, they both knew that by supporting each other in photography it would give them the push into making this their dreams of making this a career. Their studio name derives from a castle in Ireland, The Adair Manor…what is so cool is that the word “Adair” means to be fortunate and powerful - which they feel has been a perfect fit for them.

Their shooting style is contemporary and true to you. After all, its important to see the real you in your portraits!

I am super excited to share these amazing ladies with you as they give us insights into personal branding photography, how to plan a photoshoot as well as what to expect in a boudoir shoot! Ooh, la la!!! Supposedly those kinds of shoots are VERY empowering!


Bonus #9 Renia Orr - International Health Coach, Lifestyle Expert and Speaker

Renia is the founder of La Dolce Vita Nutrition, an international health coach, lifestyle expert and speaker. She is a passionate world traveler who enjoys the latest fashion, art, fine dining, personal development, and spirituality.

Her career spans over 30 years in the nutrition, beauty, skincare and fashion worlds, making her uniquely qualified to help you create your personal roadmap to a Beautiful, Healthy and Vibrant New You.

As an original partner and Managing Director of Ananas Spa in Southampton, NY, Renata developed a range of beauty and skin care programs for A-list celebrities, global jet-setters and hundreds of loyal and appreciative clients, including Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger.

An expert in using food as medicine and the body-mind connection she now helps women all over the world heal digestive problems, get back to their ideal weight effortlessly, overcome food addictions and emotional eating, address autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular issues and cancer.

She is going to share with us her 8-Step System To A Show Stopping Body & Vibrant Health To Become Unstoppable! Ooh, I cannot wait!


Bonus #10 Tricia Grace - The Cupping Queen! (Cellulite Reduction Expert)

Tricia is a moma and a grandma and finally following her dreams of being a boss babe entrepreneur! She started her social media platforms back in 2016 due to the frustration of having cellulite despite working out, and trying to eat right. People thought she was CRAZY, OUT OF HER MIND! She says that she has to to admit that she made some pretty awful videos, and some were a complete train wreck! However, people loved her realness, and the organic imperfectness of my videos. After years of helping many women across social media with all their cupping and blasting questions, she knew that it was time to create her very own brand of Tricia Grace Cups! She also wrote a 13 page guide called “Tricia Grace's Cupping & Blasting Guide” that goes specifically with her cupping system and she is currently working on adding more products!

OMGosh! Need I say more!!? I cannot wait for her to share with us!


Bonus #11 Adaire N Byerly - Identity & Transformative-Thought Educator and Model

Adaire Byerly is a 10-year expert in the world of Fashion & Beauty as a Professional Model as well as a commercial beauty actress. Throughout the years of her professional career, she had quickly made a name by her fierce posing abilities giving her the nick name “The Queen of Face”. She also made history in Dallas as the first African American female under 5’8 to be signed as a fashion model at her agency. Adaire has worked with credited celebrity photographers, makeup artist & styling teams whose work has been seen on recognized TV personalities, Super Models, Movie Stars, & Iconic power influencers seen on the red carpet. Over the years, Adaire has been published & recognized in full-page spreads for numerous beauty Magazines, starting from your local Fashion coffee-table publication to international magazines such as VOGUE.

Though she is influentially a part of a world that glamorizes & defines beauty & success, she will speak for many when she says that the ‘illusion of an image’ can be internally toxic. Adaire is now recognized as an Identity & transformative-thought Educator for professionals in the industry, in-front of and behind the camera, by bridging the gap between world of science of the mind & glamour. She is a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner who incorporates her first-hand experience in the industry with modern day studies of analytical psychology, human nature as well as historical marketing of the fashion industry, helping us deeper understand the sociological effects the world of fame has had on our psyche over decades. Her insight & expertise will help you rid the illusions of success & beauty, and will replace your thoughts by self-discovery, gifting you the true perception of YOUR beauty & Success!

I know you are ready to break the shackles of your insecurities and step into your greatness! There’s no time like today!

Select your investment option below to get started.

BEST OPTION (VIP All-Access Pass)
One payment of $697 (the next time I offer this it will be $897)

  • Full access to the course

  • AND a 1-hour coaching session with me ($300 value)  

  • The Video Glam Cam Kit ($197 value)…see video below

One payment of $297! (next time it will be $497)

Two monthly payments of $175

But you may be asking, "Elizabeth, what makes this ‘experience’ and YOU so different?" Great question!


What I bring to the table is a unique set of experiences, approaches, and knowledge that I have not seen anyone else do in the marketplace when it comes to this type of unique coaching. 

I am a certified International Transformational Success and Visibility coach, elevating my clients’ public and business profiles through gaining more confidence, grace and charisma in any situation they find themselves. From small business owners and stay at home mommies, to high-aspiring millionaire entrepreneurs, realtors, pro-athletes (NFL), and new TV personalities (HGTV and American Idol contestants), I help you overcome the limiting believes that are holding you back from fully stepping out into your personal spotlight and then match your external styling to match what is happening within.

What also sets me apart from all the others is that I am a seasoned international stage and on-camera performer, who's extensive performing and multiple graduate degrees focused on the research of helping other performers exponentially improve their connection with the audience and make their performing more authentic, helps me now help you show up so much more effectively in person and on camera and set yourself apart from the rest.  I have a keen sense of the understanding of body language and the development of charisma that stems from my dancing career that not very many people bring to the table. The benefit to you is that you will have a better sense of how to better embody your work and bring it out so that you can more effectively connect with others. 

As a result from all those diverse experiences, I have developed my proprietary signature program that you are able to enroll in!  

One fun fact is that I am also the creator of the famous Video Glam Cam Kit™ , which takes the guesswork out of creating your self-produced videos with all the equipment you need in one glam bag!  It is definitely a fabulous supplement to this course, so make sure to check it out. Others will send you all over the place to find your equipment, where everything is right here in one bag for your glamorous convenience! Get yours HERE!


Let's do this!

Now is your time to shine in a community of amazing women! 


#BeBold #BeBrave #BeIconic